Itä-Helsingin Klubitalo


Itä-Helsinki Clubhouse is for working aged people from Helsinki, who have issues with mental health. Members work by their own capabilities and interests. You are welcome here just as you are. Lifetime membership is free of charge.

Participants can engage in and influence Clubhouse activities to help personal rehabilitation. You can attend our Clubhouse activities also in English or Swedish – and furthermore, practice your Finnish language here.

Itä-Helsinki Clubhouse follows the International Clubhouse model. We are also an international training center for clubhouses. Our parent organization is ESKOT ry.

Member’s basic rights are based on the Clubhouse Standards. They work also as ethical guidelines for the whole Clubhouse community.


The first Clubhouse was founded in New York 1948. Nowadays there are hundreds of Clubhouses all around the world, and over 20 in Finland. You can read more at Clubhouse International website.